Creating a Post

  1. From Home/Dashboard, select Add on the left
  2. Choose When you will be doing your activity from the first dropdown.
  3. Next choose “something” and select which activity.
  4. Then set Date & Time and Duration of event.
  5. Set Meet Location
    • Easiest is to move the map and click the exact point, a pin will be set and hit Choose
    • Show Locations, will try to Find a business, eg. cafe, climbing gym, bike shop etc. so parks and hiking trails might to be found.
  6. Choose the Max People to limit the amount of attendees.
  7. Enter a Description or any info you would like to share publicly. eg. please wear a helmet.
  8. Adding a photo of you doing the activity will go along way.
  9. Hit Post
  10. Share your Post via text, social etc.

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