How to…


Is this free or do you try make me pay to do anything?

it’s like 100% free! and you can earn money by sharing your activity skills by coaching others who are interested in learning.

What activities do you support?

Everything which is FUN and is some what a healthy lifestyle! YES, it’s your LIFE! and everyone is into something slightly different so we try cultivate those micro communities and get you to do what you love with others!

Is this a social APP?

NO! not really, it’s not a typical app, it’s a new way of thinking, an authentic way to do what you love while connecting and inviting nearby like minded people, your community to share an activity with you.

Can I earn money right away?

YES! you can! It’s like being a coach or guide for something you are familiar with which others are interested in learning and experiencing, simply start by Creating your micro Event and sharing the link with your friends and community to invite them to your activity event! also check out the Learn to Earn walk through.

Got more questions?

Please shoot us your questions we might even feature them here 😉