Creating an awesome Profile

  1. From Home/Dashboard click your Profile on the right.
  2. Add a few Photos
  3. Add a Tagline
  4. Enter your top 8 Activities you do
  5. Set your Experience Level on the left of your Activity Name by clicking (set) or the to adjust.
  6. Set your general schedule to the right of your activity name by clicking (set) or the previously set days.
  7. Enter your top 8 Interests you would like to do
  8. Under Set preferences you will be able to a few more options.

Creating your micro Event

  1. From Home/Dashboard, swipe to New Event.
  2. Choose Which day & Time you will be doing your activity.
  3. Next choose for how long and price if relevant.
  4. Set Meet Location
    • Easiest is to move the map and click the exact point, a pin will be set and hit Choose
    • Show Locations, will try to Find a business, eg. cafe, climbing gym, bike shop etc. so parks and hiking trails might to be found.
  5. Choose the Max People to limit the amount of attendees.
  6. Enter a Description or any info you would like to share publicly. eg. please wear a helmet.
  7. Adding a photo of you doing the activity will go along way.
  8. Hit Post
  9. Share your Post via text, social etc.

Help getting started

  1. Creating an awesome Profile 
    Set your photo, tagline, activities, interests, experience levels and when you like to do your stuff.
  2. Creating a Post 
    Post something you going to DO so someone can request to join you on your activity.
  3. How to Verify your Identity
  4. People are more likely to interact with you if you are verified.
  5. Learn to Earn
    Share your knowledge and skills and get paid.
  6. For more info, see our FAQs or please contact us.

How to Verify your identity

It’s easy to share your experience with others and start earning!

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Select Verify
  3. Follow the steps on stripe

Learn to Earn

It’s easy to share your experience with others and start earning!

  1. Join & Create a Profile
  2. Create paid Post (Verifying your identity will unlock more)
  3. Have someone Join your post (they will be charged your price)
  4. Communicate arrangements with them
  5. Show them the best possible activity experience
  6. Remind them to complete the activity review
  7. Claim your money!