activity8’s mission is to empower people to engage each other in an experiential based lifestyle doing what they love.

Using ancient philosophies of human existence and diving deep into psychology of one’s mind activity8 touches on many basic human needs.

However, in simple terms…

It’s in our nature to want to experience and share our experiences with others.

Words can be communicative only between those who share similar experiences. – Alan Watts


a man on a mission to empower people to experience the most exciting life possible!

Since childhood I’ve been a dreamer, a believer, you can do or be anything you want to be, I was told, so I did, and it’s been a wild ride!

It’s been 30 years of designing and creating software solutions, 15 years of practicing yoga, 10 years of skydiving and 5 years traveling in a van, and now I present to you, activity8! GO on, download yourself into the REAL world!

Checkout my recently published mountain biking  adventure story of a few months of my life. Available on Kindle or free to download Audiobook File or PDF Download