How to…


Is this free or do you try make me pay to do anything?

OOOOH YAS! it’s like 99.8% free!
A premium member ($3.33p/m) which you only need when you want to start charging people to DO stuff with you, however it also gives you a verified profile and supports us making activity8 awesome for you.

What activities do you support?

Everything! YES, it’s your LIFE! now I’m guessing if your activity is chasing butterflies around, it may be hard to find nearby butterfly chasers?

Is this a dating APP?

NO! yes, wait, maybe, it’s not a typical app, it’s a new way of thinking, it’s an authentic way to connect with people.

Can I earn money doing stuff with people?

YES! you can! It’s like being a coach or guide for something you are familar with which other people would love to experience, start with getting to know the process by Creating a Post and DOing stuff with people for free and check out the Learn to Earn walk through.

More coming soon

Please shoot us your questions to add here 😉