Ambassador help

Steps to achieve each reward

JOIN Earn $1 per member

Earn $5 total per member you teach to earn money

  • Verify identity
  • Create paid Micro Event
  • Have someone Join your paid Micro Event (they will be charged your price)
  • Communicate arrangements with them
  • Show them the best possible activity experience
  • Remind them to complete the activity review

Your Responsibilities

Wooot! I have to be all growns up? Well, kinda!

  • Being a legendary loving kind human
  • Micro Event approved guidelines
  • Do FUN sh*t!
  • Making MONEY baby!

Approved Guidelines

Let’s not get crazy to start…

  • Supports wellness
  • Non sexual or nudity

The Plan

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Henry Ford

  1. Team up with a friend if possible.
  2. Choose a Location for the day, and submit it on this form.
  3. Until you have earned your gear (15 sign ups), wear a plain shirt with our 3” sticker on it. (a white will make it pop)
  4. Stand / work one spot for a while, people will see you as they walk up. However you have creative freedom, do what works best for you.
  5. Hand them a card, but don’t let go and send them your link, and start below communication. (a card given without communication is a card thrown away)
  6. Below is example communication, but figure out what works best for you, be yourself.
  7. Keep following up & commutating with them via your preferred platform until ideally you see your THREE transaction payments/rewards in activity8 (teach them to become an activity earner)
  8. You will get paid immediately in and can transfer to your bank at anytime.
  9. Email a summary or feedback of how each day goes to your team leader.
  10. Most importantly, have FUN! Keep it safe and exciting, call me if you have questions or run into any issues, be vigilant & street smart.
  11. Happy member hunting.

The Communication 

You – the hook
Wow! You look great! I bet you into (choose some appropriate activities). What do you do?
eg. Running, Biking, Yoga, Baking, Chess, Tennis or joke skydiving etc.

I like to run and bike! So what are you selling today?

You – acknowledge
I knew it, that’s awesome, okay so you already get part of our mission!

Our company, gets people to DO stuff with others and allows you can make money by sharing your skills.

May I send you the link? (You must send them your referral link)

Sure, instagram, facebook, text.

Remember, to follow up communications with them later so you are more likely to get them onboard and ideally all the way to earning money doing activities.

You – explain premium benefits
You can use activity8 app for free, however to support us and our mission to make the world a healthier and more fun place, please please go premium, it’s only $20 dollars for SIX months! You’ll get full access to start earning PLUS help fund me and activity8 to do something awesome for humanity!

Extra Information

Remember, try not to get into long conversations. Your goal is to teach them to earn, but this can be helpful to know.

We love…

  • supporting people to be healthy
  • making our members money
  • people to having FUN (mentally healthy)
  • technology, but a want balance
  • being outdoors
  • sharing experiences
  • getting more intelligent
  • you 😍

secret rewards

shhhh… we are fans of crypto and NFTs
Hit milestones performances and earn secret bonus rewards